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Mould Polishing Machine (S1)

Sonicam S1 produces a mirror surface on new and repaired glass blank and blow moulds providing an optimal high-quality surface for efficient container glass production.

Plunger Polishing Machine (RS4P)

Sonicam RS4P provides a mirror finish surface on both new and repaired glass plungers for an efficient container glass production.

Grinding Machine (RS7)

Sonicam RS7 is a flat and hollow grinder for grinding mould joints by copying a template at a scale of 10:1 for depth and 1:1 for length.


Powerful electric motor for manual polishing.

Mould Gauging Machine (S3)

Sonicam S3 is designed for a quick, easy and accurate measuring of container mould volumes with an accuracy of +/- 0.005ml with a gauging cycle which can reach less than 1’.

Drilling Machine (RS6)

Sonicam RS6 is drilling tiny vacuum channels inside the moulds

Repair Welding Unit

The unit will eliminate small blow holes, repair edges or face damage and other local defects on mould equipment.

Welcome to Sonicam

SONICAM specialises in the design and the manufacture of the most advanced machinery and equipment for Mould Manufacturing and Mould Maintenance in the glass container industry.
Sonicam has since become the leading supplier in this field of business as at least 3 out of 4 glass plants in the world have a Sonicam Machine in their Mould Shop…

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