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S1 - Mould Polishing

High quality blank and finished moulds polishing

S3 - Mould Gauging

The Industry reference in mould gauging precision

RS6 - Mould Drilling

Micro vent hole drilling

S9 - Soniscan

3D scanning measurements of blank & finish moulds

Movix - Electric motor

Powerful varispeed motor for manual polishing

S2-Casper - Mould & Plunger fine polishing

Automatic fine polishing of every moulds & plungers

RS4P - Plunger Polishing

Efficiency in plunger polishing

RS7 - Mould Grinding

High performance equipment for grinding mould joints

S10 - Sonivolume

Bottle volume measurement at HOT & COLD end

RWU - Repair Welding Unit

User friendly welding for localized repairs

Welcome to Sonicam

SONICAM specialises in the design and the manufacture of the most advanced machinery and equipment for Mould Manufacturing and Mould Maintenance in the glass container industry.
Sonicam has since become the leading supplier in this field of business as at least 3 out of 4 glass plants in the world have a Sonicam Machine in their Mould Shop…

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