MOVIX – Electric motor for manual polishing

MOVIX is a powerful electric motor running with flexible shaft drives. It replaces all the pneumatic tools as no compressed air is required.

The design and light weight of MOVIX tool-holders enable a very accurate polishing.

Depending on the jobs, the operator will take in hand the tool holder as a pencil; or as a hammer for heavy polishing runs.


  • COST ADVANTAGE – the heart of MOVIX is an electric motor and therefore much cheaper to operate in comparison with conventional numatic tools.
  • QUALITY ADVANTAGE – MOVIX can achieve speeds of up to 25.000 RPM. The higher the rotary speed of the tool the better the polishing result on the moulds.
  • ERGONOMIC ADVANTAGE – The handhelds of the MOVIX are much lighter in weight and therefore easier to handle by the mould shop workers, especially on long polishing jobs and difficult jobs.


High quality and long-life equipment:
  • Reinforced Flexible Drive Shaft
  • Abrasives holders for heavy polishing jobs
  • Abrasives especially designed for high rotation speeds
« Pencil » type

« Pencil » type

« Hammer » type

« Hammer » type

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