SONICAM is launching new developments complying “Industry 4.0” standards in partnership with SIEMENS.

The concept of Industry 4.0 is a new way of organizing the means of production. The aim is for the factories to become “smart factories” capable of a better monitoring and control of their production.

From now on future Sonicam S1 (mould polishing) and Sonicam S3 (mould gauging) will be equipped with a new user-friendly touch screen and a new hardware capable of:

  • Remote access to the machine for maintenance, trouble shooting, repair, supervision.
  • Exporting the production data from the machine using an internal intranet from the plant instead of using USB sticks.
  • Possibility of providing a fully secured server (or “cloud”) from SIEMENS to store any data from any machine wherever its location.
  • Possibility to upgrade existing old Sonicam S1 and Sonicam S3 depending on the generation of the machine.


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