Casper (S2)

S2 Casper

Sonicam S2 provides a perfect automatic fine cleaning & finish polishing of every mould shape cavities and Pb & NNPB plungers.

Sonicam S2 operates thanks to a vibration system using abrasive chips of porcelain and ceramics.


  • User friendly, no issue with the operator health and safety, respects the environment (no use of detergents)
  • No use of water so no risk of mould or plunger corrosion
  • Ideal for shape moulds
  • Reduce polishing costs
  • Keep the internal mould capacity (no abrasion)
  • At the end of the polishing cycle, moulds or plunger can be set in production or stored without lubricating treatments
  • Longer life cycle of the mould and plungers
  • Robust, very long life-time


  • Hoist: S2 Capser can be equipped with a double arms hoist to lift and position the moulds
  • Plunger set: S2 Casper can be equipped with special containers of 6 position each to polish PB & NNPB plungers
  • Plunger equipment can be placed together to be polished at the same time


  • Ceramic chips – more abrasive
  • Porcelain chips – less abrasive, used mirror effect
  • Operate with the best conditions by using approved SONICAM GENUINE PARTS

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