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Casper (S2)

S2 Casper

Sonicam S2 provides a perfect automatic fine cleaning & finish polishing of every mould shape cavities and PB & NNPB plungers.

Sonicam S2 operates using a vibration system. By using chips of ceramic and porcelain, S2 Casper can clean without causing damage or excessive of ware to the internal surface of the mould cavity, keeping it intact with regards to both shape and dimensions. 


  • User friendly, no issue with the operator health and safety, respects the environment (no use of detergents)
  • No use of water so no risk of mould or plunger corrosion
  • Ideal for shape moulds
  • Reduce polishing costs
  • Keep the internal mould capacity (no abrasion)
  • At the end of the polishing cycle, moulds or plunger can be set in production or stored without lubricating treatments
  • Longer life cycle of the mould and plungers
  • Robust, very long life-time


  • Hoist: S2 Capser can be equipped with a double arms hoist to lift and position the moulds
  • Plunger set: S2 Casper can be equipped with special containers of 6 position each to polish PB & NNPB plungers
  • Plunger equipment and moulds can be placed together to be polished at the same time


  • Ceramic chips 
  • Porcelain chips 
  • Operate with the best conditions by using approved SONICAM GENUINE PARTS

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