S10 - Sonivolume

S10 – Sonivolume

Sonicam S10 measures bottle volume at the HOT end and at the COLD end.


  • Fast, Sonicam S10 provides within 20 sec. the volume of a bottle
  • Machine on wheel to travel between the cold end and hot end production or set on a cold end line
  • Easy to operate, user friendly
  • Non-destructive testing method
  • Available for shape bottles, jars, special cosmetic shape containers, cans, etc…
  • Powered by Arisens software
  • Benefits


  • All measurements can be stored in memory to ensure a perfect traceability
  • Suitable to check the mould capacity deviation



  • Available for on-line integration on a cold-end line
  • Conveyors for automatic feeding of the bottles available on request



Operate with the best conditions by using approved SONICAM GENUINE PARTS

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