S9 - Soniscan

S9 – Soniscan

Sonicam S9 provides automatic 3D scanning measurements of blank, finish moulds and bottles.

Sonicam S9 allows a dimensional control of used or new moulds and bottles with a comparison to the original CAD drawings. Out of tolerance moulds, non-conformed shapes of bottles will be trapped.




  • Measurement and control of all dimensional parameters are today possible such as:
    • Wear and tear areas with a 3D coloured mapping
    • Roundness of the inside mould cavities
    • Virtual volume and shape of the bottle
  • Very accurate, fast and esay to operate
  • Robust, very long-life time, user friendly SIEMENS controlled
  • Powered by Arisens software

Dimensions & shape controls

  • Each inside mould diameter and roundness can be controlled
  • Each surface flatness can be measured too

Automated turnkey solution

  • Fully automated scanner
  • The conveyors can be designed as per the available space and flow organisation


Operate with the best conditions by using approved SONICAM GENUINE PARTS

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