S3 - Mould Gauging Machine

S3 – Mould Gauging 

Sonicam S3 is designed for a quick, easy and accurate measuring of container mould volumes with an accuracy of +/- 0.01ml with a gauging cycle which can reach less than 1’.

Both Sonicam S3 and Sonicam RS4P (plunger polishing) are mandatory in NNPB processes.


  • User friendly SIEMENS touch screen 
  • Very acurate, fast and easy to operate
  • Robust, very long-life time
  • Measurement and gauging set-ups can be stored in memory
  • Out of tolerance moulds can be listed on an Excel file
  • Automatic correction of temperature variation
  • Remote access and Data export complying Industry 4.0 standards
  • Very low maintenance
  • Complies with CE standards (UL as an option)


High quality spares & consumables for S3:

  • Standard & special adaptors are available (on request from Ø 22mm to 80mm)
  • Standard bladders and special sizes are available on request

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