Drilling Machine (RS6)

RS6 Vent Hole Drilling Machine

Sonicam RS6 is designed for drilling the vacuum channels inside the moulds.

RS6 has three spindles:

  • Two horizontals on one axis to drill and counter drill without moving the mould
  • A third vertical one to interconnect the vent holes

The mould cavity is fixed on a 360° swivel table for a better positionning

The left spindle is very sensitive and makes it easy to drill the smallest diameters with almost no risk of breaking the tool as you can always ensure the drills bits to be always perpendicular to the mold surface even in shoulder areas.


  • Quality, simplicity and efficiency 
  • Holes from 0.5 to 0.8 mm Ø
  • Robust, very long-life time
  • User friendly, an essential tool for the mould maintenance to drill holes in engraving and mould shoulder areas as well as for freeing clogged vent holes

High quality spares for RS6

  • Drill
  • Tap

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