RS4P - Plunger Polishing Machine

RS4P – Plunger Polishing

(with 2 sections)

Sonicam RS4P provides a mirror finish surface on both new and repaired glass plungers for an efficient container glass production.

Both Sonicam RS4P and Sonicam S3 (mould gauging) are mandatory in NNPB process.


  • 2 independent sections
  • Plungers of different sizes can be polished at the same time
  • Longitudinal polishing, a must for NNPB process
  • Horizontal movement prevents oil leaking on the chucks
  • Adjustable polishing time from 0 to 60 min
  • Robust, very long life-time
  • Complies with CE standards (UL as an option)

What type of plungers?

  • Plungers made of metallised steel, metallised cast-iron, refractory steel, cast steel or metallised tungsten-carbide alloys
  • All used plungers
  • NNPB process plungers and 62 process plungers
  • Plungers of all hardness

High quality spares for RS4P

  • Polishing stones
  • Diamond stones

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